Dec 16

Part 2 of my Favorite Blogs

In the Loop is going to take the last two weeks of the year off.  I wish you all a very wonderful holiday and new opportunities in the New Year!  I have met wonderful people on Twitter from all walks of life and the building industry who are so generous.   I included a few special bloggers that I follow on Twitter along with some interesting blogs I enjoy reading.  I hope you enjoy too!

Nick at Cupboards For all things kitchen check out Nick’s blog.  He offers the newest innovations in the kitchen like the touch pad counter tops.  Oh and ask him about college football too.   http://www.cupboardsonline.com/

Paul Anater Not only is Paul a kitchen, bath and residential designer but the man is now a social media consultant.  I am hoping to take one of his seminars in the New Year.  His blog is full of beautiful photos most recently of his trip to New York City.  Yes I am jealous.  http://www.kitchenandresidentialdesign.com/

Rufus the dog Not sure if it is Rufus or his human doing the blogging but it is full of a variety of subjects.  If it is Rufus he is well rounded.  Big on politics but wants to hear your opinion.  I appreciate that.  Funny.  I really appreciate that.  Read him.     http://www.dogwalkblog.com/

Modernsauce Saucy is theme of this blog.  Full of fun things by a textile designer, you just never know what she is going to write about.  http://modernsauce.blogspot.com/

Allie Paul Anater tweeted about this blog about a week ago and I have sent it to everyone I know.  This woman perfectly wrote what I feel is a dog’s mind.  I still am laughing about it.   http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/\

This is a blog I happened across a while back.  Not sure about the author except wow what great photos.  The blog is about art architecture. http://archiquality.blogspot.com/

Stephanie Like food?  Read her blog.  Period.    http://lickmyspoon.com/

If you have favorite blogs please share them in the comments section.

Happy Holidays!


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