Aug 19

Keeping up with the…well, Mesker!

The newest innovations in hollow metal, from the oldest hollow metal company in America.

Their NVS Door, Slidelock Door, and Mesker Paint-state of the art prefinished hollow metal are all evidence that Mesker Door is serious about new innovations.

The weakest part of a hollow metal door is often the seam. – FACT. The seam of the door is where it all comes together or all falls apart. Mesker’s NVS door turns the weakest part of the door into a bastion of strength. So strong that it comes with a lifetime structural weld warranty. http://www.nvsdoor.com/

The new patent-pending Slide Lock Replacement Door from Mesker is your all-in-one commercial replacement door solution. It’s the nearly perfect retrofit door. Featuring the patent-pending slide lock, along with a full mortise continuous geared hinge and commercial lockset, the Slide Lock Replacement Door covers almost 100% of existing commercial hinge and strike locations, making it the ideal replacement door and retrofit door for any hollow metal application. The hardware is pre-applied to the door for easy installation and packaged for maximum protection during shipping. https://www.meskerdoor.com/slide-lock-door.html

Introducing the latest technology in prefinished doors and prefinished frames – our unique painted door and painted frame. Our new state-of-the-art Mesker Paint system allows you to finish your prefinished door with many of Sherwin William’s exclusive colors, while providing a durable, electrostatic, baked-on finish that stands the test of time on your painted doors and painted frames. Our Mesker Paint water-based finish is HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutants) and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free, giving your painted door and painted frame the beauty and durability that’s good for our planet. For the finest commercial prefinished doors and prefinished frames in an array of colors, turn to Mesker Door and our exclusive painted doors and painted frames. https://www.meskerdoor.com/mesker-paint.html

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