Aug 16

NAWIC Never Disappoints!

This past Saturday, I attended our annual Leadership Training seminar for Region 3.  Time spent with the women of NAWIC is always motivating and uplifting.  The day was filled working on team building exercises and learning what to expect for our upcoming board positions.  Come September I will be the Gainesville chapter’s Vice President,  a role I am proud to fill.

In between the exercises I was able to announce to my NAWIC friends that I my employment status has changed.  I was inundated with congratulations, best wishes and opportunities.  Thanks to one member, I am able to present  my hollow metal line to a large engineering firm that handles projects all over the country.   Thanks Jill!   I was also given many contact names of prospective customers all over the state!  As Sandy Davis from the Tallahassee chapter stated “when you join NAWIC, your company just went national”!  My gratitude goes out to my NAWIC sisters for their loyalty and generosity.

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