Aug 28

What is a Double Egress Opening?

photoA double egress opening is comprised of a pair of doors, both single acting, swinging in opposite directions, into the path of egress. Double egress openings help to control the flow of traffic.

Typical applications include hospital and school corridors.  Most common hardware used on DE pairs is surface mounted vertical rod exit devices although other hardware configurations are possible.

Below is a 5 second video showing automatic double degress doors in action. These particular doors are located in the labor and delivery floor of a local hospital.  My daughter recently gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby boy.  I was in the waiting area giving my family an update of her progress and passed through these doors heading back to her room.  I thought, hey I have to capture these doors in action, it would make a great teaching tool! My family did catch me capturing these doors and just shook their head as if there is no hope for me!

What is a Double Egress Opening?

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