Jan 17

HM Door & Frame Installation Demonstration

The Mesker Door and Design Hardware team is always looking for opportunities to train our customers and their customers.  Dealer’s Warehouse, a valued distributor of our products, accepted our offer to hold training sessions on how to install our frames, doors and hardware in two of their locations. Here are pictures of our demonstration in both Knoxville and Chattanooga.  We had a great time training all those who attended.

We asked our customers to build two wall sections, one without drywall for a welded frame application and one with drywall for a knock down frame. They did a great job!


We had a great crowd eager to learn at each location!



Brad Nilsson, “The Door Guy” demonstrated how to install a hollow metal frame, both welded and KD, a hollow metal door, lockset, exit device and a closer.



Brad talks about the importance of reading directions.  Each manufacturer’s product is slightly different, and although you may have installed commercial hardware before, it is important to always read the directions.  Below on the right, he shows how he uses the template to mark the holes he needs to drill.


In between morning and afternoon sessions, lunch was served.  It was a good time to reflect on what was learned and share with the incoming group what to expect.


Here are some more pictures…








Thank You to all who participated!  If you would like to see a similar demonstration at your location, comment below.  We can gear the demo to your team’s needs to assist you in making 2013 a prosperous year!



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