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Aug 28

What is a Double Egress Opening?


A double egress opening is comprised of a pair of doors, both single acting, swinging in opposite directions, into the path of egress. Double egress openings help to control the flow of traffic. Typical applications include hospital and school corridors.  Most common hardware used on DE pairs is surface mounted vertical rod exit devices although …

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Jun 04

record-USA High Speed Roll-Up

One of the advantages of spending time at the record-USA factory was learning about new products, like this high speed roll-up! I was impressed with the way it re-set after being knocked out of the tracks. Call me for more information regarding the record-USA High Speed Roll-Up

May 27

record USA Automatic Doors


record USA Automatic Doors Product Training When representing a new line, high on the priority list is to learn everything you can about the manufacturer’s products. When the products are of an advanced technical nature, that may involve more in-depth training. As you know, I have recently started representing record-USA, a manufacturer of automatic doors. …

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