May 27

record USA Automatic Doors

record USA Automatic Doors Product Training

When representing a new line, high on the priority list is to learn everything you can about the manufacturer’s products. When the products are of an advanced technical nature, that may involve more in-depth training.

As you know, I have recently started representing record-USA, a manufacturer of automatic doors. They offer a wide range of entrance solutions from retail, hotels, hospitals, airports and more. Their solutions include swing, slide, and folding door systems that exceed industry standards in automation technology.

record’s products definitely meet the “advanced technical nature” description mentioned above! I was eager to attend the next one of their scheduled training sessions to get that in-depth training.

IMG_0429It didn’t take long for me to get that opportunity as record schedules routine training sessions for their distributors and installers. I was soon on my way to the factory in Monroe, NC.

record made sure we felt welcome. We started with introductions of who we were and what our experience in the industry has been.

Our instructor over the next couple of days was to be Darren Ritchhart, record’s training director.  After the introductions we were hard at it.



First on the agenda was detailed instructions on using the FPC, an innovative flash programmer that putsFPC unmatched technology in the hands of authorized service technicians. The FPC902 is a highly sophisticated plug in device that allows a technician to quickly and efficiently make needed adjustments.

  • Prevents unauthorized and untrained technicians from working on the door and possibly setting speed parameters outside of those defined by ANSI standards.
  • Identically program and configure multiple door systems throughout your building saving valuable time.
  • Update software in the control to ensure the very latest technology is always available to you.
  • Allows certified technician to maintain complete service and repair data over the life of the door.
  • Error history is also beneficial in understanding abuse, weather related issues of failure.


IMG_0431I was especially interested when Darren moved on to covering automatic operators. record has two operators available, the 6100 Series Low Energy Swing Door Operator and the 8100 Series Heavy Duty Swing Door Operator.

I was eager to learn more because I had heard such great things about them in the field.

No really, like “record is crushing the competition with their operators”. ~ South Florida Distributor

record’s auto operators have many added features like being non-handed, push or pull operation available on the same unit, built in electric strike interface, etc.

First we were shown how to install the operator. This was a great hands-on activity. Jason with DH Pace volunteered for the task. They did not have any pink tools so I declined a turn and stuck to taking pictures and notes!

IMG_0443Darren went into great detail about the programming options available for the 8100 operator.  Adjusting the operator was made easy with the FPC.

My time at the factory was very well spent. I learned a lot but there is still a lot to learn about the great products manufactured by record USA.  This two day training session was only the tip of the iceberg!

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