Nov 01

Fall Back…on the basics

This coming weekend we gain an hour as we “fall back” ending daylight savings time.  I, like a lot of folks, think about gaining an extra hour of sleep.

I am also thinking how in just a few short months of a crazy work schedule I have already gotten away from the basics I set for myself. The basics I created before embarking on this new venture of owning my own business.

This past week I had no travel scheduled and was able to be in my office all five days.  I realized in rereading my vision statement and goals that I had slipped into the “too busy” mode.  Too busy to meditate every morning to help keep my center rejuvenated.  Too busy to review my goals to keep me on my path.  Too busy to be creative and come up with ways to help build my customer’s businesses.

I know I am not alone in forgoing the basics.  It is a common theme when talking with my friends and fellow industry professionals.

This week I am getting back to basics.  I will be meditating at dawn, I will keep my eye on my goals and I will be creative for my customers.

What will you be doing?

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