Oct 11

Food for Thought

How many sales people still bring goodies with them when they walk into their customer’s offices?  It is a personal choice and one I have decided to do.  Bagels if I have a morning appointment, sandwiches at lunchtime and cookies if it is afternoon.  This was a practice that happened often during the “good times”.  Why then does it not happen now?  Most would say they can’t afford it.  I say you can’t NOT afford it.  With more manufacturer’s fighting for attention from fewer customers it is vital to make a WOW impression.   I may not get an order the first visit, second or even third but the customer will remember me faster than someone who only dropped off a business card.

Remember that you too can get out and make your customers feel special.  Take doughnuts to the jobsite when your doors are being delivered.  Take your best contractor out to lunch to say thanks for the business he has given you.  Not only is it beneficial, it’s fun.

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