Oct 07


OK, so now we know…I Fail at Blogging while traveling!

After a week in Chicago for the DHI Convention, then a week being sick (I was home but in a fog), followed by a few days traveling my South Georgia territory I am now back in my home office ready to re-connect.

Chicago was love at first sight! The high energy, great food and shopping had me hooked from the first day. I had a great time at the DHI Show playing “Corn-Hole”, also called “Bags” with distributors from all over the country. I enjoyed bonding with everyone over a fun (albeit competitive) game. Attendance was better on Wednesday than Thursday but overall a great Show.

During my stay in Chicago I attended my first annual sales meeting with my new professional family.  I was inspired by the positive energy and passion everyone shares for the Mesker & Design companies. I enjoyed meeting and spending time with the entire sales team!

I spent the first three days of this week traveling the southern half of Georgia. It was great hearing positive things at every stop.  I came back with a long to-do list that I’d better get started on.

Happy Fall!

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