Oct 30

Wilson Building Solutions is Proud To Represent Supa Doors.

A.G. Wilson Building Solutions is proud to welcome Supa Doors to the family of manufacturers we proudly represent.

SupaSupa Doors is a manufacturer of high end MDF Stile & Rail Doors. They have established an excellent reputation as one of the leaders in the MDF door industry. A Supa Door is an architecturally correct, authentic stile and rail door with sharp square corners on sticking and panel profiles.

Supa builds a better door. Their unique construction method creates high-strength, high quality stile and rail doors.  Each stile and rail is profiled with a cope and stick, then is dowelled, glued and clamped into half doors using high-frequency glue creating a continuous lamination with high strength joints. Every Supa product comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in construction or materials.  They take pride in producing high quality products made in the USA.

supa-brochure2014 copyWhen it comes to strength and durability, they have the edge!  The Supa edge is a keyed hardwood which runs the full length of the stile on both sides of the doors.  This provides strength, durability and screw holding strength. You may have noticed the trend in sliding barn doors, especially in hotel rooms because it saves space.  No worries, Supa’s pocket and barn doors also include the keyed hardwood edge along the top rail of the door to maximize screw holding strength for sliding door hardware.

I love their tag line “the end of the boring door” and it is certainly true.  Supa offers amazing design flexibility.  Every door is built to order and can be fabricated to your custom specifications. You have the option to customize the width of the stiles and rails to create a unique look or to accommodate special machining requirements for any hardware you may choose.

supa-leed2014Supa is the Sustainable Choice – Sustainability is now the standard for design in both commercial and residential projects.  Supa Doors are always made with a minimum of 86% recycled wood fiber, making it an ideal choice for all projects.  Optional LEED credits can be achieved by requesting “No Added Urea Formaldehyde and/or FSC material.


I could go on and on about many additional qualities and product offerings of Supa Doors but I’d better save some information for future blog posts!  I am very excited by the opportunity to work with you and Supa on projects specifying true Stile & Rail doors. Wilson Building Solutions is Proud To Represent Supa Doors!


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