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The Dreaded Annual Inventory Count

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The Dreaded Annual Inventory Count

Yes, it’s that time of year…again! A lot of my distributors are already dreading the annual counting of inventory. I remember donning old worn out jeans and a t-shirt I would probably never wear again to count thousands of packs of sex nut bolts during my history with Pleasants Contract Hardware.

Counting the keying room was the absolute worst! All those key blanks and tiny little keying pins, ugh!

If you are about to tackle this wonderful annual event, you may want to read the following article by Jason Bader of “The Distribution Team”.  Jason is a managing partner at The Distribution Team and has written many articles shared in Doors & Hardware Magazine.

He offers some great tips to make this task as painless as possible. Click on the link to read his full article.

Tips for a Successful Annual Inventory Count
           By Jason Bader
           Managing Partner – The Distribution Team

It’s that time of year again. The leaves have turned. The NFL is in full swing. The political season has come to a close. And, the dreaded annual inventory count is on the horizon. During my distribution career, I was involved in no less than twenty of these events. Let me tell you, they were not something to look forward to. Several hapless souls would trudge in to the warehouse on Saturday morning ready to spend the day sifting through our wares. We would entice them with coffee, orange juice and donuts, the official snack food of inventory counting. We would “invite” people from the clerical staff to join in the merriment. Wouldn’t want to make them feel left out. To compound the fun, we would invite the offspring of our employees and a few manufacturers reps to round out the crew. Is it any wonder that certain employees grandmothers conveniently “passed away” the weekend of the count?

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