Jun 17

Bear Grylls Mud, Sweat and Tears

This post has nothing to do with doors well, maybe doors to adventure?  Ok, that’s stretching it a bit, but I wanted to share with you my latest crush!

I just finished reading Bear Grylls Mud, Sweat and Tears.  Needless to say, I loved it.

For those of you who thought Man Vs Wild was just another scripted unreality reality show, well you’re probably right about that.  But what you will learn is the shows’ adventures pale in comparison to some of the things Bear has accomplished in real life.

The show may be somewhat scripted, and albeit dangerous at times, Bear does have support when needed.  But don’t be fooled, Bear is a seasoned adventurer who served with the Special Air Service, a special forces unit of the British army.

Yes, a member of a special forces unit, as in Green Berets, Army Rangers, Navy Seals, etc. Not something the average man can accomplish. The book chronicles two major events in life.  One being his journey to becoming a member of the elite SAS.  The other is his successful attempt to climb Mount Everest. Get the book, its a good read!

From 1994 to 1997, he served in the United Kingdom Special Forces Reserve, with 21 Regiment Special Air Service, 21 SAS(R), as a trooper, survival instructor and Patrol Medic trained in unarmed combat, desert and winter warfare, combat survival, medics, parachuting, signals, evasive driving, climbing and explosives. He served in North Africa twice. His service in the SAS ended in 1997 as a result of a free fall parachuting accident he had suffered the previous year in Kenya.


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