Jun 01

Mesker’s NVS Door Stands Tall against Thermal Bow


As Temperatures Rise Mesker’s NVS Door can take the heat!

As the summer temperatures start to rise, you may be receiving calls concerning lock/latch binding.  This may be due to “Thermal Bow”, a condition which occurs because of the exterior/interior temperature differential. When a hollow metal door is hit by direct sunlight and the inside temperatures are cool, the door will tend to “bow” toward the sun causing latch binding and clearance issues. The degree of bowing can depend on factors such as exposure time, door color and door construction.

After promoting the NVS Door and marketing the product as one of the strongest hollow metal doors in the industry, 3 times the strength of a steel stiffened door, the Mesker Door team witnessed another breakthrough.  A loyal customer was fighting with thermal bow on his warehouse doors.  Our customer became determined to alleviate this thermal bowing problem and gave the NVS Door a chance to perform. And perform it did!  After months of usage and direct sunlight, the NVS Door and its structural integrity refused to bow and the satisfied and shocked customer is no longer dealing with hardware latching or door clearance problems.  Thank You NVS!

The NVS Door truly is the envy of all other doors.

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