Jun 06

A.G. Wilson Learns to Golf!

My interest in golf started a few years ago when I was enlisted by my husband, who had no TV or internet access at the time, to keep him apprised of a tournament that had gone into sudden death overtime. Before that, I had never considered golf an exciting or interesting sport to watch, or play for that matter.

But watching Tiger Woods defeat Rocco Mediate in the 108th US Open changed all of that for me.   Just like that, I was glued to the TV watching every shot with bated breath.  I instantly became and still am a golf fan.

My husband plays often and uses our five acres as a driving range almost every day.  He has tried through the last few years to get me to learn.  Only lately have I given it serious thought and finally made the decision it was time that A.G. Wilson learns to golf!

I started my first lesson on Saturday and can see how easy it would be to become addicted! The course covers basic golf fundamentals from putting through driving.

The instructor started out by telling us that the key to the game is confidence. To have trust in our swing/stroke and let it go.

Our first lesson started with putting.   I had to chuckle when the instructor said something that my husband had just finished telling me a few moments earlier.  When I questioned him on why we would start with putting in lieu of driving his answer was  “drive for show, putt for dough”

After going through the basic grip options and body movement techniques we began practicing.  There were marks on the green at 2’, 3’ and 5’.  I learned that typically, you would pull back one inch for each foot of ground you have to cover.  We did that and other putting drills for two hours.

I can’t wait to practice what I learned during the week and be ready for next week’s lesson in chipping.  We’ll see if I still have a smile on my face after that lesson!

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