Aug 26

Happy Anniversary To Me! (And Mesker!)

HAnnI can’t believe it took LinkedIn to remind me of my four year anniversary!  That’s right, A.G. Wilson Building Solutions was born four years ago this month! I have enjoyed every day of it!

Even though this industry can be a trifle difficult at times, :-), I absolutely enjoy what I do.  I love using my 17 years of experience on the distribution side of the industry to help service my customers.  After all, I know exactly what it is like to get that phone call from an irate job super screaming for doors that he just released this week!  Thank you to every one of my customers that make my job enjoyable.  I always enjoy getting a little dirty with you in the trenches!

 This year has been full of growth for AGWBS.  I have been fortunate to add 3 additional manufacturers to my portfolio and have been busier than ever.  Construction has picked up significantly through the majority of my territory.  Which by the way now stretches from Miami to Knoxville, Jacksonville to Mobile!

I hope your year has been as bountiful as mine!



Another Anniversary to be celebrated is Mesker’s 150th year as your American Hollow Metal Company!  Happy Anniversary to the Mesker Team!!  I know they will be happy to serve you for many many more.

Here’s a little Mesker Door History

In 1864, the Mesker Brothers began producing hollow metal storefront facades. Their 1896 St. Louis manufacturing site was located at 421 S. Sixth Street, a spot that’s now inside Busch Stadium, home of Cardinals baseball. By the turn of the century, the Mesker brothers had begun producing fire resistant exterior windows and doors. Their breakthrough designs were fundamental to improving building standards and safety.
The Mesker Brothers creative metal door designs ultimately led to the modern hollow metal door and hollow metal frame units that were once found only in factories and military facilities.

Be sure to let me know how I can be of service to you and your team.  ~ Amanda

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