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May 19

Hollow Metal Frames and Bituminous Coating

I am sure you have run into specifications that call for a “bituminous” coating to be applied in the back of hollow metal frames.  Bituminous coating is a coating containing bitumen, any of various flammable mixtures of hydrocarbons and other substances occurring naturally or obtained by distillation from coal.  The mixture takes on the form …

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Feb 07

Short of a Stripper

I once overhead an Architect say, in a very humdrum tone “another Lunch & Learn, you know what that means…pizza or sandwiches and a fight to keep my eyes open”. Following the AIA Continuing Education System guidelines, the learning portion of the Lunch & Learn is very structured.  There is not a lot room for …

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Jan 26

3 Types of Jobs

I saw this sign while visiting one of my distributors.  I chuckled because it seems so true but it keeps popping into my head. Thanks Gene’s Glass for the great material! I remember when a project took at least 6-12 months now it seems like the norm is 3 and even that is not fast …

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Dec 01

Are you competitive?

(picture found on ineedmotivation.com) I was browsing the internet and found a cool website that lists competitions for Architects. There are several competitions on this site but I really liked the one I included below.  I definitely am interested in restaurants using local produce and not trucking it in.  Using local produce not only helps …

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