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Jul 02

Forum for the Future Kick-Off Breakfast Part II


Forum for the Future Kick-Off Breakfast Part II The second speaker for the Forum for the Future Kick-Off Breakfast was brilliant!  Alex L Goldfayn CEO, Evangelist Marketing Institute gave a very memorable presentation geared toward increasing your profits with simple, no-cost marketing strategies.  Alex was very engaging and had the personality and the material to …

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Apr 07

Plumb Bobs Don’t Lie


I found the time on Sunday to sit and relax on the porch and read the April edition of Doors & Hardware magazine.  I am glad I did.  DHI does a great job bringing us stories of the people, products and processes of our industry. I especially like articles that offer helpful installation and problem …

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Jan 08

Looking to Reduce Errors and Increase Profit

CONTRACT ERP TWEETED:  contractERP ‏@contractERP7 Jan Improve your architectural openings business! Register for this door & hardware eye-opening webinar-  So, I checked it out. Below are the highlights they will cover in the January 28th webinar.  If you are looking to purchase a new software system, this definitely looks like it would be worth your …

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Jan 01

Happy New Year

shutterstock_146971178 copy

Happy 2014! I love new beginnings. The feeling that you are working with a clean slate and all things are possible.  This time of year is when thousands of us declare things we are going to change, remove or add to our lives. Are you a resolutions maker? My goals this year revolve around income …

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Jun 04

Thinking of Hiring?


As the construction industry slowly rebounds in select parts of my territory a few of my distributors are considering hiring a new employee or two. When it comes to hiring or wanting to be hired, our industry is different than most.  We have such a niche market that I’ve joked you never have to grab …

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May 30

Daydreaming About Your Exit Strategy?

Stressed Business Man

“Do You Own a Business or a Job?” was the title of an informative article in the April issue of Doors & Hardware Magazine.  It was written by Jason Bader, the current principal of The Distribution Team, a firm that specializes in helping distributors be more profitable. In the article, Jason teaches us that regardless …

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Mar 15

DHI Executive Summit

I received an email from DHI advertising their Executive Summit event in Las Vegas April 7th-9th.  Their opening line was “hope is not a strategy”.  It immediately reminded me of an exercise Tony Robbins had us participate in during his “Unleash the Power Within” Seminar. Play along with me a minute. Put yourself in a …

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Jan 04

Are We Square?


Are you taking advantage of new technology? Sometimes the fear of using new technology holds us back from its benefits.  One such example could be the new “Square”.  Square, Inc allows you to accept credit card payments electronically using a mobile smart phone. Can you imagine your driver showing up at a job site and …

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Dec 14

Need last minute gift ideas?


I heard a great tip from a local radio station that I thought was share worthy. The tip was offered to husbands who need last minute gift ideas for their wives, but it would work for anyone. The tip is to check out your loved one’s Pinterest Boards for gift ideas.  What is Pinterest you …

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Oct 30

Team Building Exercises


Strategies for building a successful team… Mesker Door and Design Hardware held their annual sales meeting during the week of the DHI convention in Las Vegas.  A special thank you to our national sales managers, Nick McCarty and Joe Lopez for organizing such an energizing sales meeting with team building exercises. Over the past several decades, …

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Aug 13

A costly accident


I was working late one evening last week and spilled wine on my laptop keyboard.  It was literally just a few drops but that was enough to ruin my Mac Book Pro.  I drove two hours to my nearest Apple store to have a technician open it up and see what could be done.  The …

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Jun 11

What traits do you like in a Sales Representative?

Sales Rep

I am enjoying rereading The Go-Giver: A Little Story about a Powerful Business Idea. It was written in 2008 by Bob Burg and John D. Mann. It emphasizes the power of giving and being of value to your customer base. Chances are, whatever industry you are in, your company deals with sales representatives that present …

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