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May 14

Correct Installation of Exit Devices

Design Hardware knows how important the correct installation of our products is to your bottom line.   From the contractor to the tenant, bad installation can wreak havoc on your productivity. Design Hardware is proud to announce the latest tool in their arsenal to ensure the installation team has everything they need to properly install our …

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Nov 12

Why is a Rim called a Rim?

Someone new to our industry recently asked me why a Rim Panic Device was called a “Rim”.   Not as self explanatory as a vertical rod to be sure.  I explained that I wasn’t sure myself but I would find out.  I turned to Bill Jahns, our hardware guru at Design and asked him “why is …

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Sep 27

Installing a Design Hardware Exit Device

Do you feel that you and your employees would better be able to assist your customers if you had more hands-on training?  If you said yes, you are not alone.  Recently, I was able to host a workshop on installing a Design Hardware Exit Device. It was not only useful to my customers, but to …

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