Jun 09

What is a Kerf Frame?

According to Merriam-Webster a kerf is a slit or notch made by a saw blade or cutting torch.

In hollow metal a kerf is a notch in the frame which serves as a channel to insert weatherstripping. The weatherstripping becomes an integral part of the jamb profile.  The purpose of a kerf frame is to reduce air flow and water infiltration increasing energy efficiency.

IMG_0619IMG_0615When the door is closed, it presses against the weatherstripping creating a seal against the elements.

Kerf frames help reduce energy costs by keeping profits in your pocket, not floating out the door.

The weatherstripping is removable and can be replaced when needed.

Using a kerf frame eliminates the problems associated with press-on weatherstrip not sticking and the labor involved with installing the screw-on type.

Mesker fabricates kerf frames in both masonry (F) and drywall (FDJ) profiles.

I hope this answers your question, What is a Kerf Frame?

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