May 28

What is a Hardware Mullion?

What is a hardware mullion?

IMG_2090In the commercial door industry, a hardware mullion is a vertical element that is used with a pair of doors.

In an active x inactive application when dealing with a pair of doors, the inactive door is most commonly equipped with flush bolts and a strike to receive the latch from the active door.

When both pairs of doors need to be active there are several options.  Some of which are surface mounted or concealed vertical rod exit devices.  In high use areas, the rods on the surface mounted option are known to take a beating while the concealed option can be a challenge to service and maintain.

Another option is two rim exit devices with a mullion.  This seems to be the best choice for security and the ongoing maintenance of the opening.  The mullion sits “behind” the doors and provides a place to mount the strikes for the rim exit device latches.  In essence, the doors operate as two single leaves versus a pair.

The mullion can be a fixed element to the hollow metal frame or a separate piece of hardware.   Having a hardware mullion that is removable allows the entire width of the paired opening to be used when needed, like in the case of moving large equipment.

In lieu of a mullion that gets screwed into place, consider using a keyed removable mullion.  This application ensures an effortless and secure re-installation.

For more information, check out Design Hardware’s Keyed Removable Mullion.

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