Jan 07

Construction Jobs Heading in the Right Direction?

I am excited about the possibilities of the new year.  In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, economists and construction companies are optimistic that things may be turning around this year.

Bluer Skies…Home builders, who held off on hiring until the housing market began to mend, are poised to add new jobs in coming months, some economists say.”

According to the article, the construction industry could be a job creator in the very near future.  There are a few indicators for this optimism.  Building permits that hung at an annual rate of 452,000 in January increased over 100,000 in October for single family homes.

Also, workers are putting in more hours on the job site.  The average work week is at the highest level since 2006, a sign that some companies may be ready to make additions to their work force.

There is still some hesitation in hiring due to unreliable bursts of activity over the recent years. The looming tax increases and spending cuts definitely add to the uncertainty of the market.

I am happy to report that two of my distributors have hired new employees recently.  Definitely a sign of things heading in the right direction.  Let’s keep it rolling, America!

Happy 2013!!


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