Dec 19

ANSI A250.4-2011 Physical Endurance for Steel Doors

ANSI A250.4-2011 Physical Endurance for Steel Doors, Frames & Frame Anchors

Last week I shared the cycle test portion of ANSI A250.4.  Below are the test parameters for the twist test portion.

6 Twist test

The twist test is applicable in evaluating door construction only.

The deterioration of the door strength during the cycle test, if any, shall be checked through a series of twist tests. These twist tests shall be performed before the cycle test begins and then at 25,000 cycle intervals for the first 100,000 cycles and at 50,000 cycle intervals for the balance of the test.

During the twist test, the hinge pins and silencers (mutes) shall be removed from the door and frame assembly and the exit device shall be unlatched. The door is then clamped in place as noted in figure 2. If necessary to facilitate twist testing, the door is permitted to be taken from the test fixture and installed in a separate twist fixture. Loads in 30 lb. increments shall be applied at the upper lock edge corner through the screw jack and force gage in the area illustrated in figure 2. The deflection noted on the dial indicator shall be plotted against the load applied to the corner on Twist Test Form 3. A maximum 300 lb. load shall be applied. The load shall then be reduced in 30 lb. increments and corresponding deflections recorded and plotted on Twist Test Form 3. A smooth curve drawn through the points shall graphically demonstrate the reaction of the door to increasing and decreasing pressures at different cycle intervals.

At the completion of each twist test, the hinges shall be reassembled by means of inserting the hinge pins, silencers shall be reinstalled, the exit devise shall be latched, and the assembly shall be subjected to another 25,000 or 50,000 cycles. The condition of the silencers shall be noted and replacements made where deemed necessary.

 Follow this link to see how Mesker’s Seamless Door performed during the twist test.

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