Nov 07

Mesker’s Extended Top Hinge Reinforcement

“Have Door and Frame Field Conditions Improved Since 1996” was an article that caught my eye in the August issue of Doors & Hardware magazine.

Carlos Alcantar, CFDI, the author of this article as well as an article published in the June 1996 issue titled “Door and Frame Rescue 911” asks, “What really has changed over the years?  Are there proactive solutions now in place?”

In the beginning of the article Carlos talks about being asked to attend and advise an opening installation at a hospital in Los Angeles.  An ICU 90 minute Double Egress opening had major failures.  Due to poor hardware selection, improper reinforcements, Z-clips not being attached to studs, etc. the 16ga frame literally ripped from the tension of the power operators.

There are many factors to be considered in planning for a successful opening.  Proper installation and reinforcements are imperative for a long healthy lifespan of an opening.

Because the top hinge carries the bulk of the weight of the door, focus on the top hinge reinforcement would add additional lifetime to an opening.

Mesker includes a 7ga EXTENDED TOP HINGE REINFORCEMENT as a standard in all of their doors.

So a door right off your stock shelf will be better able to handle high frequency abuse and result in less opening failures in the field.

If you skipped the article in the August issue, I recommend a second look.


Mesker’s Extended Top Hinge Reinforcement

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