Nov 29

Rustic Hardware

Door Pull at St. Thomas Church

As you know, on my recent trip to New York for the DHI Convention I took lots of pictures of doors! (hazard of the trade) Many were taken at St. Thomas Church in Manhattan.  The antique doors and hardware were so beautiful I shared them in a blog post.

Coincidentally, a week after my trip I was showing a distributor
my website and the pictures caught his eye.  He shared with me that he had just been awarded a project at a theme park that required the antique olde world door look.  He showed me samples he received from Maguire Iron Company, LLC, a company that offers a comprehensive line of re-created patterns of authentic English and Continental fittings.


Clavos from Wild West Hardware

My distributor taught me that the small decorative hardware pieces on the St. Thomas church doors were called “clavos”.  Spanish for nails; clavos are small decorative wrought-head nails, attached to doors.  These particular clavos are available from Wild West Hardware 

Of course I asked if I could make a jobsite visit as they were wrapping up installation so that I can get more pictures.


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