Nov 28

Taking a Time Out

A few months ago, I registered to exhibit at the AIA Georgia Design Conference that was held back in October.   I knew it put me in the right place for hiking my favorite time of year.

My best friend Ginny hadn’t had a vacation in a while and I could use help exhibiting so poof, a plan was made.  Well, maybe not that quick, but close.

After the exhibit we took care of some family obligations then onto the mountains of North Georgia.

We only had a couple of days so we tried to make the most of them.  Ginny settled into the cabin for relaxation, yoga in the mornings and artistic expression.  I on the other hand took the if it doesn’t hurt it isn’t fun approach.

I decided on a rather aggressive hike starting on the AT Approach Trail, then using the Len Foote Hike Inn trail to make a loop.  The Hike Inn is a rustic inn that is accessible only on foot. After 8 hours I had hiked 12 miles.  And believe me when I say the pain did come!  But as usual it was worth every step.

Ginny and I both enjoyed our stay at Amicalola State Park. I didn’t get in enough hiking for the season so I will be planning some winter hikes to satisfy my addiction.




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