Oct 12

Out and about with customers

On a recent business trip to Atlanta, Nick McCarty (Mesker’s National Sales Manager) and I took customers out to lunch.  They picked Chick-Fil-A because it was good and fast so they could get back to the office to sell more Mesker Doors!

I was surprised to find that this particular Chick-Fil-A had a sit down restaurant area where you were actually waited on and lunch was brought to you.  There are a few of these restaurant-style Chick-Fil-A’s scattered around.  After some research I found the chain grew from the Dwarf Grill, later the Dwarf House, a name still used by the chain.

The restaurant has a “dwarf” sized front door that children can use to enter.  I made Nick and Kevin pose at the door to get an idea of the size.  You know, I never pass up an unusual door to take a picture of for a blog post!

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