May 02

The Merry Month of May

May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Kentucky Derby, Memorial Day and I’m sure others I am forgetting.  This month is sure to fly by with so many reasons for parties.  It will fly by super fast for me because I have travels planned for every week this month.  If you are in my territory you are sure to get a visit.

We are already into our second month of the second quarter.  How are you fairing?  I know the projects available for bid have steadily increased but has any of it turned to backlog yet?  I will continue to forward project leads from Reed Connect, The Blue Book, LDI and other sources. If you are unfamiliar with LDI, they are a reprographics company that will send you a free daily newsletter of upcoming projects for bid.  Find out more here.

I am working with a couple of my customers on Social Media Marketing campaigns. Let me know if you are interested in any of the following:  blogging, twitter, facebook business page, linkedin , as well as mail and email campaigns.  I can help you set up these accounts and offer suggestions on how best to utilize them.

Here’s to a great month!

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