Apr 01

Social Media and The Door & Hardware Industry

The construction industry as a whole plays a huge role in social media avenues such as LinkedIN, Facebook “Pages”, Twitter, Blogging and more.

These outlets are filled with information, humor and wit from industry leaders in all fields of the construction process, Architects, Construction Companies, Manufacturers and many trades to name just a few.

But the involvement of the door and hardware industry, specifically may surprise you.  DHI just shared some numbers in their latest edition of DHI Industry Watch – 781 members on DHI’s Facebook page, 963 members on their LinkedIn Group, they have 137 followers on Twitter.

You can keep up to date on industry events, offers of free webinars, job openings and join in interesting discussions.  Here is an example of one of the latest discussions on the DHI LinkedIn group…

DHI Certifed Professional Consultants – AHC, CDC, EHC, AOC – Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Consultant through the Door… Most consultants have many years of experience to go along with the formal education administered by the Door & Hardware Institute (DHI). The formal education consists of a minimum of 26 classes ranging from 1 to 3 days each. Every class must be passed before moving on to …posted 2 days ago

Wendy Felt 1 day ago • @ Brad: DHI’s Industry Education is easily accessible…From Online Challenge Exams to taking classes through DHI Chapters, Your … »

On DHI’s Facebook Page join 781 other industry professionals and stay up to date on industry happenings and advancements.

On twitter, make sure you follow DHIOrg where you can find informative tweets.  Also follow DHIConf for 2011 Conference Updates like the one below.

DHIConf – DHI  staff heading to NEW YORK CITY [spoken very loudly] for kick off meeting with Local Host Commitee leaders for 2011 New York Conference!

I enjoy using Social Media to market my company.  If you are interested and just don’t know where to start I would be happy to help.  It’s not going anywhere, it’s BIG and it’s FREE.  What are you waiting for?

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