Mar 28

Have a slamming door? Design Hardware Door Closers can help!

Temperature changes may be affecting the operation of your door closer.  As the seasons change and temperatures become hotter the hydraulic fluid inside a common door closer becomes thinner causing the door to close more rapidly.  No business owner, or mother for that matter wants the possibility of little hands getting slammed in a door jamb.

This problem will  be  more pronounced if your door closers were installed improperly on the exterior of your doors as in this picture.

If you have not been trained on how to adjust or install door closers, please contact me for a Design Hardware door professional in your area.  Door closers installed incorrectly can limit the degree of opening and the ability to properly adjust closing and latching speeds.

Here is another example of a closer installation gone wrong.  I discreetly left my business card for the manager with a note on the back to give me a call!

Another note worth mentioning is if you are trying to make adjustments to a door closer and you notice leaking oil then the hydraulic seal is most likely broken and the closer needs to be replaced.

How can Design Hardware help?

As a proven high quality manufacturer, one of Design Hardware’s main objectives is to distinguish itself from the competition. No product line can better attest to this statement more so than our commercial door closers. Equipped with varying speed controls, adjustable opening spring power, and available in several stock finishes, Design Hardware’s Commercial Door Closers provide you the customer with an assortment of options

Our fluid is rated for use in temperatures ranging from -22 to 104 degress fahrenheit.

Our closers carry a lifetime warranty.

We provide installation training to our distributors and their customers through hands-on training seminars and Installation Videos.

We have developed a patent pending mounting plate to ensure an easy, no new holes required installation.

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