Feb 22

Starting your own Door & Hardware Installation Business?

“The Right Toolz 2-Use to Move, Install, Adjust and Maintain Commercial Doors And Hardware”

What you DON’T KNOW will CO$T you!

Skilled at Commercial Door & Hardware Installation?

Thinking about starting your own installation business?

There’s more to the Commercial Door and Hardware Installation business than just installing doors & hardware.

If you’re skilled at commercial door and hardware installations and have thought about starting your own installation business, begin by reading “Ins & Outs.” If you’re already in business the information in this manual could save you thousands of dollars.


How much should I charge?

Where do I find projects to bid?

How do I write a scope proposal?

What are the insurance requirments?

What is a Notice to Owner?

How do I become better prepared for a job?

Not sure about the dollar value of your work ? “Ins & Outs” includes a Price Table to help you determine how much to charge and will also show you how to formally present your bid in a Scope Proposal.

“Ins & Outs” also includes the following information:

Insurance Requirements, Designing a Business Resume, Finding Projects to Bid, Jobsite Preparation and Management, Getting Paid in a Timely Manner, Signed Agreements and Why you should NEVER enter into verbal agreements with Contractors, Change Orders and Non Contract Work, Notice to Owners and Filing Liens, Employee Management Issues and Contract Labor, Business Structure Options, How to increase Efficiency in Door and Hardware Installations, Reading and Understanding the Finish Hardware Schedule, Door and Hardware Terminology and Abbreviations, Handling Door and Hardware Problems on the Jobsite…and…..more…

“Ins & Outs” is the ONLY manual on the market that is devoted solely to the Business of Commercial Door and Hardware INSTALLATIONS.

Just click here to buy “Ins & Outs” online at JustDoorToolz

You can also purchase by phone (954) 448-6872


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