Feb 14

Steel Stiffened Doors, a thing of the past?

This used to be an innovation…

And this used to be an innovation…

Steel stiffened doors have vertical stiffeners running from top to bottom edge to create a stronger steel door suited for high traffic areas.

But, there are problems with Steel stiffened doors such as twisting  under pressure. Their vertical stiffeners mean strong pressure on the sides or any corner of the door will cause it to give way.

 So, why aren’t stiffeners also placed horizontally in a hollow metal door? The answer reveals the second disadvantage of steel stiffened doors-weight. The stiffeners add weight to a steel door, dramatically increasing the pressure on the opening. The weight of current stiffened doors can already make them a problem for seniors and children to open.

 Another problem with steel stiffened metal doors is appearance. To secure the vertical stiffeners, a spot weld is made every 6 inches. That weld quite often shows on the door’s surface.

At Mesker Door, we’ve eliminated the disadvantages of a steel-stiffened door with our patent-pending NVS door.

The NVS is a continuously welded door with no vertical stiffeners, yet it’s more than twice the strength of a standard seam steel stiffened door. We’ve also eliminated the need for bondo, putty, filler and unsightly spot welds. Our revolutionary NVS door even costs less than our steel stiffened door.

More strength. Less weight. Better appearance. And a lower price. That’s the lasting beauty of the NVS door, exclusively from Mesker Door.

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