Feb 03

Stolen moments

I am writing this post after a long day of business in Atlanta.

My day started at 5:30 and considering there are hours of emails to be responded to and quoting to be done before bed I won’t see a pillow until 11:00. But what has me feeling reflective is the couple of hours that I stole for myself in between.

Those of you who know me know that I love hiking in the mountains, it is my absolute favorite thing to do.  The mountains are only an hour north of Atlanta so after my meeting, I headed that way.  I checked in at the Amicalola Falls Lodge to stay for the night and get in some trail miles.

As soon as I hit my room the business clothes were flying through air and on went my hiking gear (it was no surprise that I ended up here).  I was soon submerged in the beautiful mountains, freezing my patootie off and enjoying myself immensely.  It was my favorite kind of day, cold, overcast and gloomy.

Within just a couple of minutes my heart rate was elevated and I sank into a familiar rhythm. As the trail became rougher and the cold set in my bones my worries slipped away.  My only focus was the task at hand, putting on sure foot down and then another.  Every now and then I would stop and look around. I would take in a deep breath of clean mountain air and not be able to stop the smile that spread from ear to ear.

There is something very cleansing, both mentally and physically, about hiking for me. As the trail came to an end I felt regenerated and so thankful for those stolen moments.

I hope you steal a few every now and then.

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