Jan 26

3 Types of Jobs

I saw this sign while visiting one of my distributors.  I chuckled because it seems so true but it keeps popping into my head. Thanks Gene’s Glass for the great material!

I remember when a project took at least 6-12 months now it seems like the norm is 3 and even that is not fast enough! Every one is under pressure to get things done faster and faster.

The sign states that you can’t have all three.  That with a Good job quick you sacrifice price, with a Good job cheap you sacrifice time, and a cheap job quick will not be good.

What if you can have all three.  That you can truly have good quality, shipped quickly at a competitive price.

What if I told you that there is a company that can ship a high quality lockset with multiple design features including five lever designs in 6 finishes within 24 hours at an exceptional value.

That company is .  The lever designs and finish options they stock are an unprecedented value.  When it comes to architectural hardware you no longer need to sacrifice design and quality to have a project completed on time and on budget.

Let’s work together to open up ideas.  To quote Jack Walsh “A boundaryless company would knock down external walls, making suppliers and customers part of a single process.”

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