Nov 15

The end is really the beginning

Want an opening to end user relationships?

So, what do you do after the project is over?  If you are asked for a maintenance package do you keep a copy? Do you make one even if it’s not required?

An idea I had when I was a distributor was to follow up with the end user about 11 months after the project had been completed.  I called and asked to meet with whoever had the responsibility of maintaining the doors and hardware.   I made sure to put together a binder of the Door and Frame Schedule, the Finish Hardware Schedule, all installation instructions and any maintenance manuals to present upon arrival.

I also requested to walk the job to make sure everything is still working properly, its a great time to adjust closers, etc.  I know many of you are thinking that would be opening up a can of worms but what it opened up was a great relationship with the end user.  Some of these relationships lasted long past a decade.

So don’t forget about the project once the punch list is complete – develop a new relationship with the owner of the building.

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