Nov 08

ReCharging the Batteries

I took time out this weekend to do something I love.  On Saturday I woke up before the sun which also happened to be the first cold day of the season in central Florida, a chilly 37 degrees.  I drove about 50 mins to spend 8 hours in the middle of the Osceola National Forest to volunteer on a Florida Trail work hike.   Most of my friends and family think I am nuts.

As much as I love to hike I rarely make time for it.  And the question I always ask myself when returning from one of the blissful days is why not?  Hiking and the phsyical activity of trail work feeds my soul.  I love the act of of slamming a sledge hammer against a bolder and making into small rocks.  I love the fresh clean air sharp in my lungs.  I love nature, though Florida’s is a bit wanting for me.  So again I ask why I don’t make more time for it.

The standard answer is I have a busy home life with a full household of kids, husband, dog, parent, friends etc. along with a busy work life at 50-60 hours a week.  Yet I know when I come back from hiking my head is clearer, I am calmer, I am a better me.  With my BFF’s urging I have already scheduled my next hike on my calendar.  It is a commitment now.

What recharges your batteries?  Schedule time on the calendar (yes write it down) and do it.  Isn’t a better you good for everyone?

By the way the National Association for Fire Prevention always recommends everyone replace the batteries of their smoke detectors on the same weekend we turn the clock, so have you changed yours?

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