Oct 27


It has been an interesting time to become an independent representative in our current business climate.   We have new ways of getting our product to the attention of customers: the internet and with that social media.  But putting the product in front of a potential client only goes so far.  If you don’t deliver – it won’t matter.

I recently read a blog “The Sideroad” by Anne Obarski where she talked about the four cornerstones of customer service.  Trust ~ Knowledgeable ~ Efficient ~ Friendly

Friendly: Friendliness is the easiest of the cornerstones for me. I enjoy meeting and speaking with people.  I like listening to people’s lives because I always learn something new.

Knowledgeable: I am working on knowing my products inside and out.  If I don’t know an answer I am sure going to find it.  I find most people are patient with me when I say I don’t know but let me find out and get back with you.  And I do.

Trust: That is where trust comes in.  It is something earned by doing what I say I am going to do.  No shortcuts here.  This cornerstone, for me, is the most important.  It is what gets the customer to call back again and again.  It is what they will share with another potential customer.

Efficiency:  That will get better as I learn my new job.  I am a major list person.  Outlook and Plan Plus Online are my saviors, both keep me on track.  I am learning to read the many reports I receive quickly and use that information to help my customers.

Ultimately my most important function as an independent rep is to bring business to my customers.  If I can do that along with these four cornerstones I have no doubt I will succeed.

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