Jul 19

To LLC or to Inc..that is the question..

Wow, I have just three weeks to have my business ready to call on my first distributor!  My mind is going 100 mph!  Once my company’s name was decided upon I had to then choose between an LLC or Corporation.  I did a lot of research since I haven’t been down this path before.  From my perspective the protection is the same, the main difference is how the income taxes are filed.  My business won’t be going public, so for me, LLC seemed the best fit.  The paperwork complete and sent off I am hoping to have the official documents back next week.  Holy Cow this is really happening!

Living in a small community has many advantages.  Turns out another – I won’t need a city or county occupational license.  I did run a fictitious name notice in my local paper and will need to register my name with the state.  I also have my EIN (employer identification number), which was very easy to get.  The logo needs to be finalized and after that business cards and stationery, website…ooh that’s still a lot!  One step at a time.

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