Jul 13

A New Venture…

Its Fourth of July weekend and I’ve used the extra time off to remodel a home office for a new business I’m starting. Some people think I’m crazy for going into business for myself in such a down economy. Especially since the business is construction related. But, I do have a husband and friends (well one friend, my bff) who support the decision and think I will do great.
I’m sitting here at my desk in my unfinished office, full of hopes and dreams, and more than a little fear. But, it is time! I’ve worked as a material supplier for 16 years and I’m making a move to the manufacturer side as an Independent Manufacturer’s Representative. My business, A.G. Wilson Building Solutions, will begin on August 2, 2010. The manufacturers that I will represent will be in the Openings Industry, Division 8 of the Specifications. (ie Doors, Frames, Hinges, Locks, etc).
It has been a whirlwind of activity in the last month getting ready and I’ll be sharing some of the steps for starting my business as well as the progress of my endeavors.
The first task was picking a business name, which my friend came up with one morning while walking from her front door to the car. The A.G. are my first and middle initials, but G is also my friend’s first initial, in hopes that she will join me in this venture when and if she can. Wilson, of course is my last name but also G’s maiden name, which she would go back to if she joins me. “Building Solutions” is what I want to provide. I don’t want to sell material, I want to provide solutions.
There seems to be such a gap in communication between all the entities of the construction industry, ie Architect, Contractor, Material Manufacturer, Material Supplier, and the Owner (end user) of the building. I an inspired to create synergy between all of those involved and fill in those gaps.
Well, that’s all for now as I need to get up from my desk to get ready for fireworks. It is with reluctance that I close my computer as I’m full of ambition and want to get started! But as the fireworks burst in the air I will remember that my hopes and dreams can be a reality because of the great country we live in.
Happy Birthday America, Happy Birthday A.G. Wilson Building Solutions, LLC!

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