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Hands-On Training

Schedule Your On-Site Hands-On Training/Product Demo Today Call (352) 562-9511 or Email ( to schedule on-site product training for your employees . HM Door & Frame Installation Demonstration The Mesker & Design Hardware Team had a great time with Brad Nillson “The Door Guy” demonstrating how to install a knock-down drywall frame. Our distribution partner …

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Tools Of The Trade

Throughout my years in the industry, I have found the following resources to be helpful. I thought I would put them together here for you to save you time searching. Click on the images to be taken to the respective websites. Widgets Widgets Charts & Forms That You May Find Useful Door Handing …

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Automatic Doors

record-USA Automatic Doors When representing a new line, high on the priority list is to learn everything you can about the manufacturer’s products. When the products are of an advanced technical nature, that may involve more in-depth training. As you know, I have recently started representing Record-USA, a manufacturer of automatic doors. They offer a …

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Hollow Metal Doors

Physical Endurance for Steel Doors – Cycle Test ANSI A250.4-2011 Over 30 years ago the steel door institute created a standard to set uniform testing procedures for door, frame and hardware durability.  This standard focuses on two tests, the cycle test and the twist test. I thought it might be interesting for you to know …

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Hollow Metal Frames

Frames Twisted or Set Out of Square If you need installation or trouble shooting information The Steel Door Institute has you covered. They have many instructional videos that would be great to pass along to your team or your contractors and customers.       When To Use a 4″ Head We run into this …

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