How I Use SIRI – A Productivity “SIRIES”

How I Use Siri – A Productivity Siries -  Part 1

How I Use Siri – A Productivity Siries – Part 2

How I Use Siri – A Productivity Siries – Part 3

 How I Use Siri – A Productivity Siries – Part 4

Stay Informed – Are You Listening?




IMG_1949Taking Field Measurements on your iPad

How do you take field measurements? Are you utilizing today’s technology when you have to go to a jobsite to measure doors or frames for replacement?

I have been playing around with different apps trying to come up with an efficient way to take field measurements on a tablet.  I found adobe ideas, an app that lets you import a picture and “write” on it.  If you have a tablet that has a camera, you can take a picture at a jobsite, import it to adobe ideas and…


Holding iPad copyMesker & Design Hardware Catalogs on your iPad

I have been using iBooks on my iPad to lighten my load.  Can you believe that the device shown on the left can house the contents of your entire bookshelf?  It’s true.

When I am working on your quote requests in my hotel room into the wee hours of the morning (anything for my customers) I did not pack multiple catalogs in my suitcase.  I can access both Design Hardware & Mesker price lists with the touch of my finger.

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