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Oct 04

Introducing Mesker West

Mesker West Flyer

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Aug 15

Punch & Dimple Hollow Metal Frames


“The RIGHT Toolz 2-Use to Move, Adjust, Install & Maintain Commercial Doors “ Need to prep Frames for Existing Masonry Anchors? Punch & Dimple Hollow Metal Frames on the Jobsite in a SNAP!! Related PostsFrames Twisted or Set Out of Square Tools of the Trade PL2 Frame Set Looking to Reduce Errors and Increase Profit …

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Jul 19

Commercial Door Field Measuring Chart

Field Measure Chart - Single

I can use your expertise.  I am trying to develop a commercial door field measuring chart for myself and to share with customers.  Review what I have so far and comment any suggestions you have. Related PostsMesker Southeast Ft. Lauderdale, Florida HM Door & Frame Installation Demonstration Installation Demonstration in Knoxville ANSI A250.4-2011 Physical Endurance …

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May 19

Hollow Metal Frames and Bituminous Coating


I am sure you have run into specifications that call for a “bituminous” coating to be applied in the back of hollow metal frames.  Bituminous coating is a coating containing bitumen, any of various flammable mixtures of hydrocarbons and other substances occurring naturally or obtained by distillation from coal.  The mixture takes on the form …

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May 17

Proper Installation of Hollow Metal Frames

masonry frame

While researching on the internet I ran across a great resource for guidelines to the Proper Installation of Hollow Metal Frames. Before going into specifics about installing frames this site delves into the most common failures and mistakes made as a result of bad installation. It’s a great site that you may find very useful. …

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Apr 06

Peek-A-Boo…I don’t want to see you!


This is my plea to all Architects designing commercial gang bathrooms.  And this is not, I repeat not just because I represent a Hollow Metal Frame manufacturer! I would like you to consider specifying Hollow Metal Frames with undersized or full louvered Wood Doors in lieu of Toilet Partitions. I have not discussed this issue …

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