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Aug 10

Incorrect installation of Door Closers


I was talking to my bff and she had recently seen closers mounted on the exterior side of a door and was surprised.  I told her that I see it all the time.  A recent trip to Athens, Georgia provided the following 3 openings all within 2 blocks.  I guess they didn’t get the memo …

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Aug 05

Need a Door and Hardware Installer?


Ever been to a movie where someone other than the star steals the show? Like Rupert Everett did in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. On a recent jobsite visit that’s exactly what happened. On Wednesday, July 27th representatives from Mesker Door, Best/Stanley, Oshkosh Door, UGA Housing Authority, Juneau Construction and Architectural Door & Hardware met to discuss …

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Jun 01

Mesker’s NVS Door Stands Tall against Thermal Bow


As Temperatures Rise Mesker’s NVS Door can take the heat! As the summer temperatures start to rise, you may be receiving calls concerning lock/latch binding.  This may be due to “Thermal Bow”, a condition which occurs because of the exterior/interior temperature differential. When a hollow metal door is hit by direct sunlight and the inside …

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Mar 28

Have a slamming door? Design Hardware Door Closers can help!


Temperature changes may be affecting the operation of your door closer.  As the seasons change and temperatures become hotter the hydraulic fluid inside a common door closer becomes thinner causing the door to close more rapidly.  No business owner, or mother for that matter wants the possibility of little hands getting slammed in a door …

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Jan 21

Design Hardware Installation Videos


The installation of commercial door hardware products can often be frustrating and time consuming.  Design Hardware has developed videos to help you with the installation of their various products.    Packaged not only with easy-to-follow instructions and templates, but also various screw types (self-taping, wood etc..) and multiple strike plates, everything you need in one box. …

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Jan 20

Are your Profits Blowing out the Door?

Door needing Weatherstripping

This is a picture that I took while traveling to the Florida panhandle on a business trip.  It was a cold day and the draft coming through the door made blow drying my hair extremely uncomfortable.  I couldn’t believe the amount of energy and money being wasted by the lack of something so simple, weatherstripping. …

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Aug 26

Put an end to your replacement closer woes

316R AL

316R Replacement Door Closer The 316R Replacement Closer is packaged with a Patent-Pending Retrofit/Replacement Mounting Plate.  It provides the ability to replace 33 of the most popular door closers in the market. • Includes Patent Pending Mounting Plate  • Mounting Plate can be used to replace a wide variety of the    most popular door …

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