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Nov 18

What Is A Swing Clear Hinge?

Swing Clear HInges1

What is a swing clear hinge? Swing clear hinges are special hinges that swing a door completely out of the opening. This allows for maximum clear width of the opening. A popular application for swing clear hinges is hospital corridors. Having the door tucked out of the opening reduces damage to the door edge by …

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Nov 17

Know Your Bid-Hit Ratio

George Headley

Things are definitely heating up through out my territory. Many of my distributors have more RFQs than they can handle, having to turn some down. It’s a refreshing problem to have to say the least! There is even talk of margins increasing ever so infinitesimally. With the state of the economy still in question it …

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Nov 06

Supa Doors and the Forever Young Initiative


I’m sure you are aware of the steady increase in hospitality projects over the last 18 months. It is a huge improvement over the last few years when there was little to no activity in this sector. Between Mesker Door, Design Hardware and Supa Doors I am quoting at least 2 projects per week. I …

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Oct 30

Wilson Building Solutions is Proud To Represent Supa Doors.


A.G. Wilson Building Solutions is proud to welcome Supa Doors to the family of manufacturers we proudly represent. Supa Doors is a manufacturer of high end MDF Stile & Rail Doors. They have established an excellent reputation as one of the leaders in the MDF door industry. A Supa Door is an architecturally correct, authentic …

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Oct 06

The Dreaded Annual Inventory Count


The Dreaded Annual Inventory Count Yes, it’s that time of year…again! A lot of my distributors are already dreading the annual counting of inventory. I remember donning old worn out jeans and a t-shirt I would probably never wear again to count thousands of packs of sex nut bolts during my history with Pleasants Contract …

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Sep 29

The Benefits of Commission vs Salary


The Benefits of Commission vs Salary Many distributors across the nation are seeking to hire employees as a result of the increase in activity in the commercial construction industry.  One glance at the classified section of Doors & Hardware Magazine confirms that there are a lot of opportunities out there. It is refreshing to know …

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Sep 22

Hinges: Residential vs Commercial

Commercial Hinges vs Residential Hinges

Hinges: Residential vs Commercial In this post we will outline some of the differences between residential and commercial hinges. I specifically say “some” as I am sure I do not cover all them. Please feel free to comment below with any additions. Keep in mind this article covers general differences, there are always exceptions. The …

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Sep 22

Dealing with “Pay If Paid” Clauses

Dealing with “Pay If Paid” Clauses When I first heard of this provision I thought how ridiculously unfair. Sub-contractors and material suppliers are the least able to take the hit of non-payment. I also thought there was no way that they would stand for it.  I still feel the same way on the first count, …

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Sep 15

Subcontractor Bidding Tips

Subcontractor Bidding Tips George Hedley is owner of Hedley Construction and Development, Inc. He started his construction company in 1977 with a pick-up truck and $500 in the bank. He grew his business to $50 million in revenue in seven years. He is one of the top 10 contractors in Southern California. He now shares …

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Sep 08

Improving Your Gross Profit Margin pt 2


IMPROVING YOUR GROSS PROFIT MARGIN pt 2 Last week I shared my intent to post articles each Monday morning focused on the business part of your business. I kicked off the series by sharing part one of a two part article by Jason Bader, the managing partner of The Distribution Team. I continue last week’s theme …

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Sep 01

Improving Your Gross Profit Margin


IMPROVING YOUR GROSS PROFIT MARGIN After a discussion with a few of my customers about what might be useful to distributor owners and managers, I decided to dedicate Mondays to the business side of your business.  Topics like improving gross margin, cash vs accrual accounting, managing inventory, retaining employees, etc will be featured.  I have …

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Aug 28

What is a Double Egress Opening?


A double egress opening is comprised of a pair of doors, both single acting, swinging in opposite directions, into the path of egress. Double egress openings help to control the flow of traffic. Typical applications include hospital and school corridors.  Most common hardware used on DE pairs is surface mounted vertical rod exit devices although …

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