Nov 01

DHI Future Conference and Expo Concepts

Before I was able to get my thoughts in order and write a post on attending the DHI 2011 Annual Conference, I read this white paper concerning future conventions. Take a moment to read the ideas and report back to DHI with your thoughts/comments/suggestions.



  1. Dan Stevens

    As a former distributor-attendee and current exhibitor I like the idea of 2 regional shows. This is very similar to the ISC East & West shows. I have only attended the ISC East show, and I understand that the ISC-West is usually bigger. The key to making this work would be to keep the costs down for the exhibitors. The last thing we want to do is double our expense in this category. If the regional shows were roughly 6 months apart, it reduces the cycle to bring something new to market. It also give exhibitors twice the opportunity to ‘make the pitch’. And it gives distributors a option when scheduling conflicts aries.

    1. admin

      Thanks for your comment Dan. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for DHI Conferences. Wasn’t able to make it by the TOAD booth in New York, hope to run into you soon.

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