Aug 05

Trivia Friday


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  1. Ryan Lerman

    New york

    1. admin

      Ryan, I see I did not make the question very clear so I will take your answer!

      The question should have asked “What song title includes the name of the city where DHI HEADQUARTERS is located”. By leaving out headquarters, you probably assumed that I mean the convention. Sorry for the confusion. Your name will definitely go in the hat for a win.

  2. Ginny

    Do you mean where the DHI Headquarters is located?

    1. admin

      Yes, thanks for the question. What song title includes the name of the city where DHI Headquarters is located.

  3. Rachel Smith

    Chantilly Lace

  4. Ange

    Yeah I was totally into all the New York New York songs..lol Oh well!

    1. admin

      Well hopefully that inspired you and made your Friday go by a little quicker! I will do better next week.

  5. Rita

    New York New York

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