Jul 29

Trivia Friday

OK guys, no one answered last week’s question.  This is an open book test, search the internet, ask your local chapter’s DHI President, you can even call me for a hint!

Don’t do Starbucks yourself?  I’m sure your spouse, children or even a customer would appreciate the gift card.


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  1. ryan lerman

    New york, California

    1. admin

      Hi Ryan, Thanks for participating. I’m sorry but you did not get the correct answers. New York hosted the DHI Conference 2 times, California 4. Both Texas and Florida hosted 5 times. Try again next week!

  2. Bill Lawliss

    Florida and Ohio

    1. admin

      Hi Bill, Thanks for participating. You had it half right, Florida was correct at 5 times, but Ohio only once. The state you were missing was Texas which also played host 5 times. . Try again next week!

  3. Grant Anthony


    1. admin

      Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner! And you were the only one with the correct answer, so no reason for a drawing. I will drop your gift certificate in the mail. Thanks Grant for participating. There is no limit on winning so try again next week!

  4. Rachel Smith

    Too bad I didn’t know about this earlier … I have been to 25 out of the last 25 conventions, so I have been to TX quite a bit…. as well as FL. The real question is how far back did you go?

    1. admin

      This year in New York marks the 36th Annual DHI Convention, I included all previous 35 years. I did not go as far back as the NBHA Conventions that began in 1934. Make sure you try this Friday!

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